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Beverage Programs 

Operating Systems &
Budget Management 


Let Tiffany bring her background as a Court of Masters Certified Sommelier to create a beverage program perfectly tailored to your business. As an experienced restaurant buyer, Tiffany’s long standing relationships with premier wine and spirits agents give her access to an exceptionally broad spectrum of products both local and from around the globe. The ideal beverage program increases sales, achieves budgetary goals and complements menus while strengthening your brand. Tiffany also creates and implements staff wine and beverage training to empower your team with all the knowledge they need to make the most of your new beverage program!

Tiffany assists small to medium sized restaurants with developing and implementing systems for daily operations and financial management. Improved systems maximize productivity and minimize waste, while effective cost tracking identifies problem areas and opportunities for increased revenue. Implementing Standard Operating Procedures for all operational and administrative tasks will ensure your business consistently runs at its maximum potential.

Restaurants and hotels are re-opening to a new industry reality of anticipated staff shortages and rising prices. It is imperative at this time to attract and retain both staff and guests through responsible business practices. Tiffany will evaluate and guide your business in how to lower its environmental footprint, create better engagement with the local community and improve people retention.  From creating an internal plan to implement throughout your organization, right up to obtaining a sustainability accreditation, Tiffany can guide your business to a more sustainable future.  Your staff, guests and the planet will thank you!


Tiffany Jamison-Horne


Tiffany has spent the past twenty years honing her skills in the  competitive world of the Toronto dining scene. From curating an award winning 600-label cellar to opening one of Toronto’s most talked about restaurants of 2019, Tiffany has extensive experience in all areas of Restaurant Management with a specialised focus on beverage programs.

In this time of great change for the hospitality industry, businesses are restructuring and re-evaluating their needs. Tiffany is ready to bring her creative thinking, vision and experience to your business - in re-imagining your entire concept, streamlining your operations for more profitability, or updating your wine program. Whether you need in-depth business analysis or a Certified Sommelier to level up your beverage program, Tiffany has the solution to all of your Hospitality Management needs!


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Supporting a sustainable and inclusive future

During this incredibly challenging time, I believe we have the opportunity to re-imagine our hospitality industry as healthier, more diverse and more environmentally responsible. I want to work with businesses that prioritise the following:

  • creating healthy workplaces where people of diverse backgrounds and identities are supported in achieving their career and life goals

  • eliminating the discriminatory tipping culture in favour of paying a living wage to all

  • working towards business models rooted in environmentally responsible practices 


I also look to support those who are underrepresented in the restaurant and wine industries, specifically BIPOC and women.  I can be contacted anytime through the form below to discuss one-on-one career mentorship. 

- Tiffany (she/her)

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